May 12

Rest In Peace Goomba Carparelli. 2002 – 2011


Goomba Carparelli blessed this world on December 17, 2002. Mike and Natalie (Keeks) brought this little black bundle of joy home in a Lee Labrada Protein Supplement Box (How's that for a shopping addiction?).


Goomba was a pure Black German Shepherd, know for their fantastic dispositions and extreme friendship with people. Goomba could be written into the dog dictionary as the expression of just how friendly Black German Shepherds can be.


Mike and Keeks knew right away they had a very special dog. At first, he was a shy little guy but a week later at the dog park he brought his toy along with him and showed the world just exactly who he was. The little bundle of joy would at times embarrass Mike and Keeks with his antics but that was just fine with them. Goomba was very strong willed and stubborn. Never listening to the two bosses of the house. It was now Goomba's time to turn the tables concerning who actually ran the place.


Many friends and family members knew this dog was different as he had this funny ability to see right through you... as if with human eyes. Talk about special, listening to orders was simply not in his nature. But as strong willed as he was Mike and Keeks were just as strong which developed a very special bond with him. Taking him everywhere, Goomba was the apple of Mikes eye. To meetings, to pick up guitars for clients... Goomba was always by Mike's side. They were inseparable.


At the tender age of One Goomba got a friend. Not just any friend...his BEST friend in the world, Zukey! This was a tag team made in heaven and completed the circle of friendship and karma that Mike and Keeks were looking for in their lives.


The first 3 years of Goomba's life brought bushels full of happiness to all around him but an obstacle was soon to be paced in his path. Goomba was afflicted with fibrocartilaginous embolism which left one of his  hind legs disabled and affected his daily quality of life greatly. After a year of ongoing therapy and unconditional love he recovered a miraculous 80%. This was due to nothing short of 1000% dedication, hard work and a partnership by both animal and human and taught both Mike and Keeks that no matter how bad things are they always get better.


Goomba's condition lasted for quite some time but after 5 years took a turn for the worse. After much consultation by vets Mike and Keeks were left with 2 very hard and heart wrenching choices. Either to put Goomba to sleep or amputate the leg and hope that things would heal and get better. Showing their absolute adoration for the dog that gave them many years of happiness, they opted for amputation. In August 2010 Goomba went in for his surgery with Mike and Keeks knowing the odds were against him. With the grace of the higher powers Goomba's surgery was a resounding success. This success blessed the Carparelli Pack with another 6 months of unconditional love. The love this very special dog so much deserved.


It is with great sadness that we now have to report that Goomba's condition has worsened to the point where he is suffering. Not only is he suffering but all of those that love him are suffering along with him. On Monday March 28, 2011 Goomba will be put to sleep leaving a life of adoration, laughs, love, companionship and the reminder that no matter how hard things can be at times they can and will be overcome. Goomba taught Mike and Natalie, the most important thing in life really is free . . . LOVE. Goomba taught Mike, never ever give up, Goomba taught both Mike and Natalie the truest meaning and rewards of Patience!!!


Goomba was often a trouble maker and a funny one at that. For this we pay our deepest respects to not only a very special dog but a family member and a member of Carparelli Guitars.


May his memory and good karma live on in every Carparelli Guitars, every strum and every song that has inspired so many people to carry on when life gets tough. Goomba was a perfect example of this and will be missed by his family, friends and most dedicated playmate Zukey.


Rest In Peace our true friend knowing that you brought great things to many, many great loving people.


Your celebration of life will live on forever in their countless hearts.