Jan 12


Counterclock is the very embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll. You can hear it in the band’s self-titled debut album produced by Jeff “Diesel” Dalziel (Edwin, Thornley, Tupelo Honey). Counterclock keeps its focus on the prize: radio-friendly pop songs — often disguised in fierce, boisterous rock ‘n’ roll mixed with emotive power ballads.

Led by singer-guitarist-keyboardist Gaby Tanielian, the process for this collection of songs started when he flew to Toronto to co-write for the first time with Jeff Dalziel and Dane Hartsell and came up with the ballad “Remember Your Name.” “I loved co-writing,” enthused Gaby who then extended his two-week trip to almost three months and wrote with Christopher Ward (Alannah Myles’ “Black Velvet”), Andrea Wasse, Dan Davidson (Tupelo honey), Nicole Hughes, Chris Perry, Pete Lesperance among others.

“Every song I was with two or three different writers,” says Gaby. “I shared stories about my life, and with each story a song came.” Gaby then took all these songs to Jeff’s studio. “

Jeff was amazing to work with. He’s the first producer that has understood exactly the way I imagined the songs.”

As the album came together, so did his band, all hand-picked from existing Montreal bands —bassist Stevie Trixx, guitarist Lino Scalia, guitarist Alessandro Greco and drummer Gary Ritchie. “I wanted people that are serious, hard working and are living their dream”

Official Website http://www.counterclockonline.com

Jan 12

Chip Gall

For the past 25 years singer /song writer/ guitarist Chip Gall has been a staple on the Canadian music scene. From his early days as a founding member of the ever popular band SYRE (A & M Canada, Sony Records Japan, Redlight Record USA) to his indie solo project The Chip Gall Band, Chip continues to crank out original "Power Pop" rock with a vengeance. With thousands of live shows and three CD releases under his belt Chip has very discerning taste when it come to what guitars he uses to perform his music both live and in the studio.

"When I picked up the Carparelli S4 I knew this was the guitar (and company) I wanted to develop a close relationship with...the quality and tone of these instruments is unparalleled and when I met with Mike and the Carparelli team, I was very impressed with their down to earth dedication to ensuring Carparelli continue to develop and create world class instruments."

Over years of extensive road work Chip has played some of the top name guitars on the market and has selected Carparelli as his instrument of choice. Chip demands a high level of quality and reliability in an instrument and Carparelli Guitars is ready to take on that challenge.

"Carparelli guitars gives me everything I need in a guitar for a working musician...impeccable quality, killer tone, a finish to die for and personal friendly service! I need a guitar I know I can rely on night after night with no surprises, and Carparelli guitars not only meet that requirement... they exceed it".

Chip is currently recording his follow up CD ("Believe") to his debut self produced CD "Me, Myself & You!" and is excited about the new relationship he has developed with the Carparelli Guitar family.

"I could not be happier to be working with the Carparelli guitar team...they treat every customer like family and I am proud to say I am part of the Carparelli Guitar family".


Jan 12

little Sunday

Joe Polito - "I couldn't stop looking at the guitar it's stunning and then I couldn't get enough of playing it. I totally love the feel and way more comfortable to play than most of the guitars in my collection!" - JP (littleSUNDAY)

Rick Farrell -  "It is our honor and privilege to become the newest endorsees of one of Canada 's fastest growing guitar companies, Dot On Shaft and Carparelli Guitars. The guitars possess this unique presence, both in their stunning designs and fine finishing; but most importantly, in their comfortable and smooth action." - Rick Farrell
Toronto rockers littleSUNDAY have released their second full-length album Wait For Tomorrow (street date: October 23, 2007) featuring eleven tight tracks.

This recording is the follow-up to their alt-pop EP Cross The Line (2006) and heavier edged debut album Day of Hollow (2003).


YouTube http://www.youtube.com/littlesundayband

Jan 12

Dead Starlets

Dead Starlets are a saucey, flirty, and in your face old school punk band, from Barrie, Ontario. The members of Dead Starlets are all music veterans who have all been there, and definitely done that.

Dead Starlets are influenced sonically by punk's early formative years in the fertile musical scenes of New York City and London U.K.

The music of Dead Starlets has drawn comparisons to The Damned, The Ramones, Teenage Head, Social Distortion, and the fury of The Sex Pistols. Since their inception in 2008, Dead Starlets have won legions of fans with their recordings as well as their raucous live performances.

As well as Dead Starlets own releases, they have also been featured on compilations around the globe.  They were featured on the U.K.'s Bubble Gum Slut compilation, Los Angeles based 272 Records "Punk Kills Vol#14", as well as Toronto's Solid Apparel's compilation "Consolidated". The single "Get Over It" also received radio airplay on Rock 95.

Vocals are performed by the incomparable, growling, yet melodic, Church Starlet.  The explosive riffs and leads are provided by the guitar of sinister scenester Chris Starlet.

The bass is laid down by the bad boy of the band, Adam Starlet.  The thundering drumming and backbone of their sound is pounded out by Luc Starlet.  These four musicians have come together as one to form Dead Starlets.

Chris and Adam are extremely excited to be endorsed by Carparelli Guitars.  A Canadian guitar manufacturer that is doing it's country proud by providing quality made instruments to musicians globally.

These quality instruments have become an integral part of the Dead Starlet sound and look. Dead Starlets are continually adding to their growing catalogue of releases as well as performing live for the masses.  If given the opportunity, do not pass up the chance to see these bad boys, Dead Starlets, live!

Official Website http://www.deadstarlets.com

Jan 12


Greg Godovitz began his long musical journey back in 1964 first playing the music of the British Invasion. After a stint in various Blues bands Greg found himself playing all original music alongside Eddie Schwartz (Hit Me With Your Best Shot). Next up was Fludd in which the Pilling brothers, Ed and Brian, wrote eight top ten radio hits including Cousin Mary and Turned 21. In 1975 Greg formed Goddo and began a recording career that includes a dozen albums. The songs Sweet Thing, Under My Hat and Pretty Bad Boy would become staples at Classic Rock radio.

In 2001 Greg published his memoirs, Travels With My Amp, that would become a national best seller as well as releasing a DVD of acoustic songs and story telling entitled Up Close and Uncomfortable.

Recently Greg has been living in Calgary and is heavily involved in record production and performing with a wide variety of artists. A feature television documentary, In Goddo We Trust, is now in full production to mark Goddo's 35th anniversary as well as the upcoming release of the entire digitally remastered Goddo CD catalogue.

Greg is pleased to be a member of the Carparelli Guitar family and has this to say about his signature Goddo model.

"One of the most beautiful instruments I've ever seen. The fact that it sounds as good as it looks is testament to the quality that goes into the Carparelli products."


Jan 12

Margot Macdonald

"It has been a pleasure getting to know Mike and the entireCarparelli Guitar company. Everyone has been so helpful and informative. I feel like we've all been friends forever.

P.S. My guitar is AMAZING!

I am pround to endorse Carparelli Guitars!!!"

At the age of 12 Margot released her debut album, Rising. Margot is the recipient of the first annual Young Artist Award of the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest for her song Serendipity. She was also honored in the Rock category for her song Quiet Hero. Both tunes are off of her 2nd album, TORN, released March 2007.


YouTube http://www.youtube.com/MargotMacDonald

Sep 11

Mick Box - Uriah Heep

Mick BoxMichael Frederick Box (born 9 June 1947 in Walthamstow, East London, England), better known by his stage name Mick Box, is the lead guitarist of British rock group Uriah Heep.

He is the only member from the band's founding in 1969 who is still active with the group. A large part of the initial success of the band, his early work stands out on the album Salisbury with complex and powerful wah solos. He currently resides in North London with his wife and son.

When you first meet Mick there's no pretence, no wall of silence that betrays the uncertain artist. He's always the first with the friendly handshake and, well, maybe on your second meeting it's a bear hug. It's a natural friendliness, as natural as his ever present Chesire Cat grin and it spills over into his matey stage character.

"I am very proud to own a Black Carparelli S4 guitar. I have it around my neck on stage now. It's not often you come across this standard of workmanship, style and sound that rocks' your world!"

'Appy days! Mick Box
 Guitarist for Uriah Heep has played concerts in over 48 countries worldwide and have sold over 30 million Albums/CD's.


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