Sep 11

Matt West

Hey Mike,

I know that I have gushed about my Carparelli S4 on Facebook and MySpace, but I haven't taken the time to write to you and thank you for this great guitar.

I'm a middle-aged family man who has come to the guitar late in life. A year and a half ago, my (then) six year old daughter asked to take guitar lessons. I decided to take this request as an opportunity to share something with my daughter and, at the same time, finally do something that I have regretted not doing all my life--learn to play the guitar.

After a year of playing on inexpensive guitars with good, but not great sound, I felt that it was time to move up to something special. I shopped around and quickly became discouraged by the price that I had to pay to get a top quality professional instrument. I knew the sound and feel that I was looking for, but I could not find it at a price that I could afford. I put off my purchase because I was not willing to compromise on quality.

That was when two separate friends, both professional musicians, suggested that I check out Carparelli. I was blown away by how quickly I was welcomed into the Carparelli family. I was blown away that you took so much of your personal time to help me get the exact guitar that I wanted at a price that would not cause my family to go hungry.

Since getting my S4, everything about my guitar playing has improved. The S4 has incredible power and the kind of tone that would cost three or four times as much from other guitar makers. Not only is the S4 a tone monster, it is also stunningly beautiful. The binding and trim are gorgeous. The quality of the top is outstanding. The hardware is first rate. It is as much a work of art as it is a tool to create art.

With gratitude

Matt West